Once a Ram, Always a Ram

There are many Fordham alumni who have gone on to be very successful in government and arts and media who are not often mentioned, but may be doing exactly what you aspire to do.

A Closer Look at New Student Orientation

The coordinators of New Student Orientation work throughout the summer to ensure that the new batch of freshmen who arrive in the fall are welcomed with friendly faces to ease their pre-college nerves.

(Grand Old) Party Crasher: My Evening with the Cruz Family

One of the great things about being a student at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus is you could be eating a sandwich at Alan’s one day, and be meet a Republican presidential candidate the next.

“As the Ram Turns”: A Fordham Snapchat Soap Opera

In a time when everyone can be a photographer and film director on social media platform Snapchat, three Fordham students had the distinct idea of creating episodes of a Snapchat soap opera that Fordham students and outside viewers can easily watch.

Priscilla Consolo Awarded Prestigious NYU Scholarship

The AnBryce Scholarship Program is applicable to first generation college students, service oriented individuals and intelligent students interested in law, and Consolo was the perfect candidate.

Searching for Coexistence

My heart yearns for the suffering this conflict has brought to both sides. Why is it that conflict over religion and territory causes us to carry out the most inhumane acts? After all, isn’t religion about acceptance, love and forgiveness?

Fordham Mock Trial: Debating Their Way to the Top

After qualifying for the 32nd American Mock Trial Association National Championship Tournament for only the third time in the program’s history, the mock trial team celebrated a victory of sixth place in their division at the competition.

Alumnus Joseph Gitler Combats Poverty in Israel

Fordham Law School graduate Joseph Gitler founded Leket Israel, an organization that provides food for the surprising number of undernourished people in Israel.

Fordham’s Ever-growing International Student Body

According to Fordham University’s Open Doors Report, the percentage of growth in the international student population from 2010 to 2015 was 161.8 percent.

Bold and Beautiful: A Look at the 2016 Muslimah Fashion Show

With a mixture of bold textures, bright colors and high fashion, the Muslim Student Association took the Fordham community by storm.