Washington Square Park Folk Festival Spans Generations

By JEFFREY UMBRELL Asst. Features Editor The Washington Square Park Folk Festival, held on Sept. 10 was surprisingly difficult to locate. The temperate late-summer weather had drawn...

Potty Politics: Studying Gender Inclusivity in the Concrete Jungle

By KYLE J. KILKENNY Staff Writer Much like short-term study abroad programs to locations like Morocco, Rome and Granada, summer internships are excellent ways for Fordham...

Bailar Para Juntar

By CARSON THORNTON GONZALEZ Features Editor We all strive to find that which incorporates what we love with a way to benefit those around us. Caroline Shriver,...
james martin

Theology Event Aims to Unite Church and LGBT Groups

By CARSON THORNTON GONZALEZ Features Editor The relationship between the Catholic Church and the LGBTQ+ community has long been characterized by tension. As a sect of Christianity...
San Gennaro

Little Italy Seeks to Preserve Traditions

By JEFFREY UMBRELL Contributing Writer The first Feast of San Gennaro celebrated in New York was held on Sept. 19, 1926, as Italian immigrants from Naples...

Spilling Tea: The Truth About London

By SABRINA JEN Contributing Writer If the millennial stereotype were personified, it would probably be a Fordham student with some sense of sarcastic humor and an unpaid...

Accepted, Will Not Attend: Why I Chose Fordham Over the Ivy League

By JOE ZOYHOFSKI Contributing Writer My cursor hovered over the button I could not bring myself to click: Accepted, Will Not Attend. It was not the...

Fordham Reacts to “13 Reasons Why”

Two Fordham alums star in "13 Reasons Why," a Netflix original show that centers around one girl's suicide and how her death affects those around her.

Ailey Dancer Combines Her Love for Dance With Visual Arts

Fordham's joint program with The Ailey School allows students to pursue dance alongside their other passions.