A Look Inside the Fordham Health Center

Aside from general primary care, Fordham University’s Health Center offers services such as physical and laboratory exams, allergy maintenance, mental health and immunizations.

The Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple in what is commonly called “The Mediterranean Diet.”

A Look Inside Counseling & Psychological Services

Fordham’s Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) is among the many services offered to Fordham students.

The Solution to Smoking: Just Don’t Do It

Most of us have been raised on the knowledge that smoking negatively impacts one’s health.

Lift the Weight of College Off Your Shoulders

The McMahon gym is a decent-sized gym with many pieces of equipment ready to be used by the entire Fordham community.

Students Look to Stay Fit On and Off Campus

Since the weather in January is in the ’20s and ’30s, students can no longer go for a long run in Central Park without feeling the effects of the weather, unlike the spring and summer.

Meditation Might be the Stress Reliever You Need

College is undoubtedly hectic with the multiple classes and the many homework assignments that come with them.

Fordham Needs to Add More Vegan Options

What is there to eat when one eliminates meat, dairy, eggs and anything else produced from the exploitation of animals? The answer: not much.

Keeping the New Year’s Resolution

“The key part to reaching a resolution—whether it’s weight loss or something specific, such as running a marathon—is for it to be something you absolutely desire and is achievable.”

A Healthy Diet Can Cut Down on Finals Stress

Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount during any point of the semester, but especially during stressful periods such as midterms and finals.