Fordham Needs to Add More Vegan Options

What is there to eat when one eliminates meat, dairy, eggs and anything else produced from the exploitation of animals? The answer: not much.

Keeping the New Year’s Resolution

“The key part to reaching a resolution—whether it’s weight loss or something specific, such as running a marathon—is for it to be something you absolutely desire and is achievable.”

A Healthy Diet Can Cut Down on Finals Stress

Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount during any point of the semester, but especially during stressful periods such as midterms and finals.

Exercising Control over Depression

Scientists have long questioned how physical activity impacts mental health.

Students Should Rely on Vaccines for Flu Prevention

We all cherish the joys that come with fall: endless cups of hot cocoa, cozy sweaters and vibrant leaves in Central Park. Nonetheless, we despise fall’s evil twin: flu season.

Health Technology Enhances Student Wellness

The life of a college student is dominated primarily by academics, but attention to one’s health is equally necessary.

Students Struggle Finding Healthy Food Options On Campus

As we are in the heart of Manhattan, Fordham Lincoln Center students have the luxury of trying various dishes from different cultures, all within a half-mile radius of the campus.

Athletes, Don’t Forget Your Vegetables

The importance of eating healthy is often overlooked by athletes.

Staying Active on Campus Just Became Easier

Four clubs on campus to help you get active mentally and physically.

The Best Free Events NYC Has to Offer

NYC offers plenty of free events to help keep you healthy