One day after the petition was created it had over 500 signatures.

The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), a Fordham Lincoln Center club, held an open discussion during their last general meeting of the semester, on Dec. 3.

"If a strike is on a military target in a military setting, and the bomber classifies everyone killed who is proximate to the target as ‘enemy combatant’ killed in action, does it violate the Law of War? Arguably yes, under a strict reading of the Additional Protocol, which the United States did not ratify in large part because of concerns about issues just like this."

Over the summer, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the “Enough is Enough” Bill, which created standardized processes and definitions regarding sexual assault reports for all universities throughout the state.

The monument, which reads “Robert Moses, master builder, friend of Fordham” is not a new addition to the Lincoln Center campus, as it was originally a part of the old Fordham Law School building plaza, currently being renovated into the ‘140’ campus center. The monument was taken down during the renovation of the former Fordham Law School building.

Fordham University is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the United States and the university’s religious affiliation affects students’ educations in varied ways.

On Monday Nov. 17th, Magda Teter, Ph D gave her inaugural lecture as the Shvidler Chair of Judaic Studies at Fordham University.

Device ownership and streaming services have affected ‘Fordhamwifi’.

The spring 2016 semester is right around the corner and Fordham students are once again faced with the process of registering for classes.

Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business is currently creating a Ph.D. program in business administration that is poised to be launched in the fall of 2016.