Fordham Students Evaluate Education for Middle States

Fordham students met with the Middle States commission to share their thoughts on Fordham

Maureen Tilley, Professor of Theology, Passes Away

By CONNOR MANNION News Editor On Sunday April 3, Maureen Tilley, professor of theology at Fordham University, died following complications from pancreatic cancer. “I was very saddened to...

Low Turnout Rates at Diversity Task Force Community Meetings

The Diversity Task Force is currently preparing reports for presentation to the University as a whole.

Fordham Admissions Adjusts to New SAT Format

For the newest cycle of applications, the Fordham Admissions department will be dealing with a unique challenge: a new SAT.

Low-Income Fordham Students Pay More Than Average, Study Shows

Financial aid at multiple U.S. colleges, including Fordham, is used "as a ‘recruiting tool,’ rather than as a means of meeting a student’s financial need,” according to a new report.

LC Mock Trial Team Advances to Nationals

For the first time in three years, the FCLC Mock Trial Team has advanced to the national championship.

New Policies Ban Smoking at LC Entrances

Over spring break, the Department of Facilities Operations banned smoking within 50 feet of all building entrances on the Fordham Lincoln Center campus.

Software Update Implemented for Fall 2016 Registration

he Office of Academic Records (OAR) has launched an updated registration system.

Mike Yard, Christina Greer Talk Caribbean Immigration

Political Science professor Greer led a talk at New York's Tenement Museum.

College Council Approves Change to Major, Talks Online Classes

College Council took time again to vote for a change to women's studies and learned more about online class structures.