Office of Residential Life Drafts New RHA Constitution, Spurns Former E-Board

By COLIN SHEELEY News EditorOn April 19, 2017, the executive board members of last year’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) met with RHA adviser Frank McAlpin...

Fordham Lincoln Center’s Robert Moses Statue Debate Continues

By STEPHAN KOZUB News EditorRobert Moses was still planning, arguing for a Long Island-Manhattan Expressway down the middle of 30th Street as he sat in...

McShane Issues Statement on Roger Stone Ahead of Speaking Engagement

The university will allow the event to continue, despite having strong conflicts with many of Stone's opinions.

Students Call for Guest Policy Change

College campuses, particularly those in New York City, are no stranger to guidelines meant to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

What Happens to a Dreamer Deferred?

By COLIN SHEELEY News EditorProfessor Gemma Solimene, director of the Immigrants Rights Clinic at Fordham’s School of Law, stood behind a miked podium in the...

Fordham College Republicans to Host Roger Stone

By STEPHAN KOZUB News EditorThe Fordham University College Republicans announced on Oct. 5 that they would be hosting political strategist and controversial figure Roger Stone...

Fordham Responds to Las Vegas Shooting

Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Monday that left at least 58 people killed and 515 wounded, the Fordham Community has voiced statements of support for the victims and their loved ones.

Faculty to Vote on Unionization

By KATHERINE SMITH Asst. News EditorA mail ballot election to determine whether or not to unionize most adjunct and full-time, non tenure track faculty is...

McShane Sits Down with Student Press

Both newspapers arrived with the same agenda, the same questions weighing on all of our minds. This is how Father McShane took them:

Fordham Student Launches Puerto Rican Relief Fund

By COLIN SHEELEY News Editor“We cannot sit idly by” reads the description of the Students with Puerto Rico GoFundMe page. Beatriz Martinez-Godas, Fordham College...