Don’t Mourn, Organize!

I’ve been having a hard time this week knowing that this inauguration was inevitable, shifting between bouts of anger, despair and numbness at this election.

SJP Decision Limits Power of Student Government

On Dec. 22, 2016, Keith Eldredge, dean of students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), overruled the decision of the United Student Government (USG) to grant full club status to Fordham Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

Fordham Needs To Help Its Low-Income Students

We romanticize being broke in college. Cups of ramen in dorm rooms eaten with stolen dining hall silverware—it’s an image passed from parent to child, older sibling to younger sibling.

Detecting Fake News: Our Newest Responsiblity

Since Donald Trump went from being Republican Party Nominee to President-elect, those who saw his victory as a long shot have been trying to figure out how he pulled his electoral college rabbit out of his political magician’s hat.

Liberals Can’t Neglect Rural Americans and Win

I am going to argue for something controversial: liberal America shares equal blame with conservative America for the ascendance of Donald Trump.

The Holidays Need Inclusivity and Representation

By JORDAN MELTZER Contributing Writer Fordham University is located in a notably liberal area: the northeast. Hence, people at this school are generally used to the...

Vote Local, Not Just Every Four Years

After you finish reading this sentence, raise a finger for every one of your local representatives whom you can name without using Google, including your state, county and city.

“The War On Drugs” Is A War On Much More

Everyone is better than the worst thing they have ever done.

Trump’s Cabinet Reflects Establishment Ideals

As members of this community, we have a responsibility to stand up for those in marginalized groups when their civil liberties are at risk.

Regardless of Trump, The Electoral College Should Remain

In the most recent presidential election we were faced with a situation in which one candidate secured the majority of electoral votes while the other won the popular vote.