Letters From Your 2018 USG Presidential Candidates

Why should the students of Fordham Lincoln Center vote for you as USG President?

The Real Meaning of “Radical”

By EVILINA KURAYEVA Contributing WriterThe word "radical" has been rendered meaningless. The word itself indicates the correlation between the essential nature of an object and...

We the People Demand Equal Rights

We are so privileged to enjoy the rights that we are granted, but we fail to recognize that they aren’t set in stone; in fact, they are not even established in the Constitution (unless you are a straight, white, cisgender male, of course).

Support Artists, Buy Your Music

So now that you know that your favorite artists are making close to nothing, what can you do? The answer is simple: buy your music.

Silicon Valley Diversity Crisis: Don’t Blame Google

The inequality in Silicon Valley is not enforced nor perpetuated by Google; it’s born and raised in the American system that allows certain groups to adapt and specialize to the industry while leaving others behind.

President Trump and Fox News: A Dangerous Love Story

In many ways, Fox’s biased and sometime scorched-earth coverage helped us ease into the divisive and often surreal political era Americans live in today.

Midnight Midterm Madness: How (Best) to Cram for Midterms

Ace that multiple choice, nail those calculations and rock that essay like the well-prepared, responsible student you appear to be. Your secret’s safe with us.

Staff Editorial: Students of Parkland: We Hear You

You are actively leading a sociopolitical movement with more conviction and dignity than many elected officials and American citizens far your senior.

It’s Never Been About Bathrooms

I would be very surprised if any trans/gnc Ram feels fully recognized by the university, wakes up undeniably safe in the expression of their gender and struts down maroon halls knowing their existence is a celebration: a march to which every Vice President on campus beats a drum.

The Journey Toward Self-Love is not Pretty

By EVILINA KURAYEVA Contributing WriterI walked into my first ever philosophy class with nothing but one simple aspiration: to ace the required class. My professor...