A course at Rose Hill has been proposed and accepted; one that aims to discuss the cultural and historical significance of the Bronx as a region of New York.

In today’s world, we must carefully consider the sources we obtain our facts from, whether they are newspapers, televisions or articles on the Internet.

As anyone who has watched any mainstream news channel for even a minute in the past three months knows, Donald Trump is no fan of undocumented immigrants.

On Thursday, I was wrapped up in the fervor of the controversy at Mizzou when I saw a post on Facebook by a dear friend of mine about suicide bombers in Beirut, Lebanon, her hometown.

Their usage of fear mongering and offensive speeches must be heeded as a warning as to how politicians can amass large blocks of support in little time.

In the event of a tragic event on campus, the likeliness of a student accurately and effectively employing a firearm to neutralize a threat, without collateral damage, is incredibly unlikely.

We rarely hear the phrase “white community” employed with any legitimacy. That is precisely because we recognize the diversity in this group, and with that, recognize that such a term cannot capture the differences within the group in question.

For the very same reason we do not allow people to shout “fire” in a public place where there is none, we cannot allow people to shout “rape.”

As long as I can remember, I have found myself leaning far more to the left than to the right.

If kids growing up have trouble finding people on stage that look like them, they won’t believe they have even the slightest chance of making it on Broadway.