Although there are economic and travel benefits to becoming a citizen, voting is one of the most crucial reasons that so many immigrants living in America seek citizenship.

All we want is to feel equal, to be accepted and to be heard. But when the media ignores several Muslims who have been murdered in the same month and calls the incidents “random” then how can we feel like we actually belong?

On March 4, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in front of a joint session of Congress to discuss the dangers of Iranian nuclear proliferation.

It is time for affirmative action—at least the kind of affirmative action we have today, based on abstract notions of ethnicity and diversity—to go. It is dated and seems to promulgate racial divides.

Ukraine does not need weaponry. Ukraine needs money to rebuild its infrastructure, decrease unemployment levels, provide resources for those caught in the civil war and help its economy get back on its feet before the country collapses completely.

Tolerance is crucial for a developing society, but lines should be drawn if the words are translated into action and an individual uses their opinion to target another individual or group of people.

Negotiations mean more semi-stable relations with Iran and a more viable option than several more decades of aggression and proxy violence.

On Feb. 2, President Obama made some peculiar remarks during a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington DC, with his esteemed guests, the 14th Dalai Lama and NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip.

If Japan were to get involved in military operations against the Islamic State, they would become party to the American quagmire in the Middle East, on which the Rising Sun would never be able to set.

It seems the global community is turning its back on Israel and the global Jewish population and opening its arms to terrorist Islamic governments.