Pop Culture

Adele Got Real About Race at the Grammy’s

Needless to say, the Grammy’s were amazing this year. The artists, namely Adele and Beyoncé, performed flawlessly.

Mike Yard, Christina Greer Talk Caribbean Immigration

Political Science professor Greer led a talk at New York's Tenement Museum.

My Culture is Not Your Fashion Accessory

Music festival season is back - and cultural appropriation is headlining.

Next Step for Women’s Rights: Improving the Wage Gap

The feminist movement in the 1960’s got women in the workforce. Now that women occupy 47 percent of the workforce, it is time that the 73 million working women in the United States receive equal pay as working men.

The Paradox of Affirmative Action Based on Diversity

It is time for affirmative action—at least the kind of affirmative action we have today, based on abstract notions of ethnicity and diversity—to go. It is dated and seems to promulgate racial divides.

Where Do Lines Of Free Speech End?

Tolerance is crucial for a developing society, but lines should be drawn if the words are translated into action and an individual uses their opinion to target another individual or group of people.

The American Dream: Chopsticks or Forks?

Based on the memoir of chef and writer Eddie Huang, ABC’s “Fresh off the Boat” proudly proclaims that it’s a show where, yes, Asian people are the main characters.

Paris Bans Action Movie Shoots: A Good Move

These restrictions are a step forward not only in maintaining the peace, but also in furthering the emotional recovery of the population by restoring their confidence in their local government.

On Cards Against Humanity

The popularity of Cards Against Humanity rests in our psychologically capitalist culture.

“American Sniper” Leaves out the Iraq War

The film is more pro-Chris Kyle than it is pro-war or even pro-U.S.A.