Pop Culture

Paris Bans Action Movie Shoots: A Good Move

These restrictions are a step forward not only in maintaining the peace, but also in furthering the emotional recovery of the population by restoring their confidence in their local government.

On Cards Against Humanity

The popularity of Cards Against Humanity rests in our psychologically capitalist culture.

“American Sniper” Leaves out the Iraq War

The film is more pro-Chris Kyle than it is pro-war or even pro-U.S.A.

Can “Unwanted Sex” Be Ambiguous?

Women should employ the term “no” more often if they do not wish to have sex, disregarding what their partner may think of them.

Carry That Weight

Solidarity protests send a big, passionate message and it is crucial to translate that message into specific changes in university policy.

Are Blockbuster Movies the Future of Cinema?

The public’s engagement with these movies shows that audiences are capable of more than just mindless digestion of simple plots and deserve better content from these easily accessed blockbuster productions.

How Should We Approach Charity?

Those who don’t want to serve a community shouldn’t necessarily have to, but the hypocrisy on the part of our school policies is striking to me.

Tourism Does Not Commercialize 9/11 Memorial

Allowing tourists to roam free, or even providing guided tours could help enlighten those who are not as informed about the events that occurred thirteen years ago on that fateful day.

Iggy’s Voice Is No Biggy

The assumption then could be made that Azalea’s rapping voice sounds a certain way because she learned the technique in a location that has a distinct sound. However, this conclusion is too simplistic and does not give her enough credit as an artist.

Why Not Michael Brown?

Does our system simply not work, or does it work exactly the way it was intended to?