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New Construction Plan Causes Upset

For the past two years, we have been anticipating the new facilities and residence hall being built for Lincoln Center students, slowly watching the steel beams of the new building rise into the city skyline.

Fordham Campuses Marred by Hate Crimes

In a university where principles of social justice, tolerance and solidarity are upheld alongside its mission to educate, racist and homophobic hate crimes have tainted its wholesome brand.

Transparency is Key in Birth Control Policy

As students, we expect Fordham to be open about its policies and provide students with information about what is clearly stated in its manuals. Many students are unaware that the Health Center is required to provide birth control in the case of specific medical conditions—and understandably so.

Technology Will Advance Fordham

We are undoubtedly living in a tech-savvy world where colleges are increasingly moving toward the worlds of multimedia and online.

SOPA Infringes On Intellectual Freedom

The Internet has been our savior in college.

Catholic University, Secular Policies?

Recently, Fordham was featured on Jezebel, a popular blog site, in an article titled, “Fordham Students Protest Hidden Anti-Birth-Control Policy.”

Don’t Lose Sight of Victims in Scandal

Information about the alleged abuses at Penn State that have come to light over the last few weeks have left many shocked and angry. Riots ensued over the subsequent firing of university president Graham Spanier and head coach Joe Paterno, leaving behind a campus torn by the controversy.

Registration Woes

It’s that time of year again when we have to register for spring classes. While liberating for some seniors, it’s mainly a hassle that leaves many of us wondering how our perfect schedules never seem to work out.

Thankful to Be Heard

Concerned with the current state of our economy, students increasingly fear the difficult search for jobs that will face them after graduation. Some students, especially those in liberal arts, wonder whether they even chose the right major.

Students Must Take Action

Students must take action. Lately it seems everyone is protesting.