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Poor Communication Hinders Progress

Fordham has a communication problem, and it’s not the type that causes confused, emotional breakups.

Strive for Greatness in the New Year

Just like the city that houses it, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), is full of opportunities for new and returning students alike.

Expansion Focus Must Be Academic

The neuroscience major, under the natural science department, has been in the works since 2004 and was approved in 2011, as reported in Richard Ramsundar’s article, “New Neuroscience Major Added to Curriculum” on page one.

‘Queer’ Should Be Accepted, Not Feared

“Queer.” It’s short. Crisp. Easy to say. But it lingers in the mind, conjuring up ideas of the unusual or perplexing in its most traditional definition.

New Construction Plan Causes Upset

For the past two years, we have been anticipating the new facilities and residence hall being built for Lincoln Center students, slowly watching the steel beams of the new building rise into the city skyline.

Fordham Campuses Marred by Hate Crimes

In a university where principles of social justice, tolerance and solidarity are upheld alongside its mission to educate, racist and homophobic hate crimes have tainted its wholesome brand.

Transparency is Key in Birth Control Policy

As students, we expect Fordham to be open about its policies and provide students with information about what is clearly stated in its manuals. Many students are unaware that the Health Center is required to provide birth control in the case of specific medical conditions—and understandably so.

Technology Will Advance Fordham

We are undoubtedly living in a tech-savvy world where colleges are increasingly moving toward the worlds of multimedia and online.

SOPA Infringes On Intellectual Freedom

The Internet has been our savior in college.

Catholic University, Secular Policies?

Recently, Fordham was featured on Jezebel, a popular blog site, in an article titled, “Fordham Students Protest Hidden Anti-Birth-Control Policy.”