For the first time in 50 years, the National Football League (NFL) draft was not held in New York City.

Here is my list of the cutest uniforms in sports.

Sarah Thomas will be a full-time referee and will be the first female to officiate full time during the upcoming NFL season.

Max Berger founded Lincoln Center’s new basketball club this past semester

Following successful regular seasons, both the New York Islanders and New York Rangers have set their sights on the Stanley Cup.

The Detroit Tigers still remain the best team in the American League (AL) and in baseball.

This 2015 season the Dodgers are finally taking back their place.

in the grand scheme of things, Rondo simply isn’t a good fit for the Knicks.

Mixed martial arts and the preeminent league for MMA competition, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), have soared in popularity over the last decade.

It has been brewing for several years, but the fight of the 21st century is finally confirmed and quickly approaching.