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The EIC is the President and leader of The Observer and responsible for all aspects of the paper.

The Managing Editor serves as the Vice President of The Observer and must be aware of all issues.

The Business Manager is in charge of advertising and maintaining most financial duties.

The Layout Editor keep tabs on each of the different sections for issue to issue and manages the layout staff.

The Online Editor maintains all aspects of the website and the content that appears on the site.

News Editors must cover all newsworthy Fordham-related events including any Breaking News.

Opinions Editors should include pieces such as the reactions to major events or unique individual perspectives.

Arts/Culture Editors should cover all Fordham performances as well as any popular cultural trends.

Features Editors should cover noteworthy content on Fordham students and topics relevant to them.

Sports Editors should cover Fordham-related health and sports topics as well as student reactions to them.

Photo Editors are responsible for every photo assignment and managing the photo staff.

The Multimedia Editor must produce relevant multimedia pieces and manage the multimedia staff.

Literary Editors are responsible for all aspects of The Comma and managing the literary staff.

Copy Editors make sure that articles follow AP style and do not have any stylistic issues.