Attendance continues to be a problem for Fordham women's basketball.

Activists Spike Lee, Deepak Chopra, Erica Ford, Letitia James and Vanessa Gibson gathered in Pope Auditorium on to rally against gun violence.

On Sep. 13, 2015, a black student at Rose Hill reported that a racial slur had been carved into his door. Just a week later, a swastika was found within the same building.

Over the past three years, Fordham has become my home. Yet, I have felt unsafe in this home at the same time.

Fordham University is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the United States and the university’s religious affiliation affects students’ educations in varied ways.

On Friday, Nov. 13 at 12:45 p.m., a group of students, faculty and administrators gathered in the Outdoor Plaza for a “Blackout” event.

As Laura Paone, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’16, put it, “The Ram is life.”

On November 15, Rose Hill student Marissa Marcinelli published an article on the Slant News website, recounting the sexual assault of her friend by a cab driver, and the mishandling of the situation by Fordham Public Safety and Fordham University Emergency Medical Services (FUEMS) that followed.

President of the University Rev. Joseph McShane, S.J. sent a letter to the Fordham community stating that a "swastika and white supremacist reference were found on a bathroom dispenser in Lowenstein Center on the Lincoln Center campus."

In the event of a tragic event on campus, the likeliness of a student accurately and effectively employing a firearm to neutralize a threat, without collateral damage, is incredibly unlikely.