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Should Students Have a Vote of No Confidence at Fordham?

By Alex Seyad Opinions Editor This last academic year has been plagued by a multitude of issues on campus that have made many of us question...

“Picture This!” Contest Opens for Fordham Students

B: MARYANNA ANTOLDI Arts & Culture Co-Editor With the annual Campus MovieFest (CMF) taking over Fordham for the remainder of April, students are eagerly beginning to...

Why We Need To Talk About Vaginas

Kathy Yoo Asst. Opinions Co-Editor The annual production of “The Vagina Monologues” introduces a wide range of experiences surrounding the vagina. Here at Fordham, women of...

Showing Solidarity with Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Sapphira Lurie and Sofia Dadap Contributing Writers For many contingent faculty at Fordham University, working conditions are shaky at best. They are constantly questioning whether they...

OP-ED: Community: It takes inclusivity

To me, a community of individuals creates an opportunity to form fellowship with others through a feeling of common attitudes, interests and goals.

The Low Attendance Rates Plaguing Fordham

Fordham Lincoln Center proudly boasts a vast array of clubs and activities spread throughout the week and now thanks to LC After Dark, there are events during the weekends.

Is Fordham fighting a surface-based crusade?

By KILEY CAMPBELL Contributing Writer Recently, one flyer out of the many posted through Fordham’s halls caught my eye—partially because of its large bold lettering—advertising an...

Fordham Dining Fails to Meet Needs of Students

By MARCO PEZZOLLA Contributing Writer College is a hectic time for many students who are juggling between academics and personal commitments. Trying to study for multiple...

Fordham Students Attend the State of the City Address

On Monday, Feb. 13, students of Dr. Christina M. Greer’s “Introduction to Urban Politics” course waited on line outside the world-famous Apollo Theater for what was to be a historic night.

Lights, Camera, London: One Fordham Student’s Adventure Across the Pond

London has always held a special place in my heart.