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By permitting force in bringing the homeless to shelters, Cuomo is removing their right to deny shelter.

Seven of the highest-grossing films of 2015 were based on pre-existing content.


Fordham’s Creative Writing department (in conjunction with the Fordham-based literary magazine, CURA) sponsored a prose reading and Q&A with Carl Hancock Rux.

“When you look in the mirror every day, do you see the person you always wanted to be or do you see someone else?”


Fordham’s TV-watching residents got a sweet surprise this academic year. Last November, residents received an email stating that, through a special promotion, the previously premium HBO cable add-on package would now be provided for free on all dorm TVs in both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center residence halls.


The Fordham Rams beat the UMass Minutemen then lost to the Saint Joseph’s University Hawks.


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Rule breaking, defiant and most importantly, faceless – these are the qualities most commonly attributed to hackers.


Observer photographers celebrate and capture the Lunar New Year that occurred on February 8, 2016.