The Comma

Ray Bradbury Was Right

If darkness is to be allowed, it must be accompanied by the faint glow of an Apple-manufactured screen.

Listen or Choose Loneliness

I type "define relationship" into Google, the holy search engine, the answer to all questions and the diagnoser of all disease. "The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected."

Boston Dynamics & YOU!

It was now 2089, and Michael no longer knew a world without Boston Dynamics.

A Love Letter to Joanne

Like the majority of women and men on my mother’s side, Joanne is a woman steeply grounded in her Italian grit.


That’s something my mom and I have in common; in times of crisis, we do what we can for others.

So Lonesome

Its honesty demanded my honesty, and I found that notion to be both beautiful and terrifying.

A Solemn Affair

The figure in the casket was that of my grandfather, yet I did not know him, and for that I resented him terribly.

31 FCLC Horror Stories

Horrors tailored to your Fordham Lincoln Center experience.

Night Skin

The bone crypt that cages my veins feels of something rotten.


When I try to think of the happiest I've ever been, I'm out on the open water.